About Us

Our Mission

To help children develop and be the best they can be, as individuals within the greater social arena; to be aware, resilient, inquiring, kind, confident, proud, determined, self-regulated, respectful, patient, accepting and forgiving. 

Our Evolution

Starting in early 2016, as a community-based project to continue providing a similar school holiday program to the discontinued Logan City Council McDonald's Sports Program, a group of coaches established the Movement Monkeys Sports Program. While continuing to provide an affordable, active-lifestyle-focused school holiday program, these coaches/teachers/instructors drew on the best of their knowledge to recreate and design the perfect recipe for a great holiday experience. And hence the amazing Movement Monkeys Sports Program began.   Since then, the Movement Monkeys have continued to provide quality, educational, and physically-active school holiday programs each and every holiday period at various locations across Brisbane, Logan and the Redlands.