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The Movement Monkeys provide a variety of social skills and sport-based educational program for children, as well as training and professional development opportunities for adults in the industry.

our history

School Holiday Sports Programs

The Movement Monkeys are a group of coaches who were previously working together in the Logan City Council School Holiday Sports Program. Upon receiving the news that the Council was discontinuing their program, after over 10 years of consecutive service, these coaches decided to continue providing this service to the hundreds of families who were enjoying this active, learning holiday experience, and henceforth the Movement Monkeys Sports Program was established in early 2016. They have expanded, now servicing the Logan, Redlands, and Southern Brisbane regions in school holiday sports programs, and in-school sports programs.

Their mission
 To help all children develop and be the best they can be, as individuals within the greater social arena; to be aware, resilient, inquiring, kind, confident, proud, determined, self-regulated, respectful, patient, accepting and forgiving. 

The video below was created by one of the kids that regularly attends our programs - from the kids' perspective!

The Programs

School Holiday Sports Programs

The school holiday sports program runs from Monday to Friday, like a holiday camp. Children attend for the whole week and try-out a whole range of different sports and activities throughout the week. The kids are always moving, engaged and having active fun throughout each day of the whole week. The main structured program runs from 9am to 3pm, the same as a school schedule with morning tea and lunch breaks, and some free play, and there is also extended after-hours care provided from 8am until 6pm. And no, they do not get too tired participating in sport and active play all day long for the whole week - they love it! But in case they are getting tired, the movement monkeys have enough 'low-key' activities scheduled towards the end of the week to give them some rest and relaxation time while still being actively involved in physical learning (fine motor skills activities, problem-solving activities, and targeting sports like croquet, boules, bowling, archery, snooker etc.) To consolidate and reinforce the inclusive messages of the program, there are also one to two 'awareness sessions' in every program. These sessions are provided by community groups or by movement monkeys to extend on learning in healthy and safe life practices.

Our Team

Like the messages they send to the kids, they are open and accepting, and as a team show that very different people from very different backgrounds can all have fun working and playing together. Although there are many other coaches teaching the children in the program, these two are the executive team and manage the program. They are all blue card holders and are trained in first-aid with CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis.

With 30 years experience in taekwondo and 20 years experience in various teaching capacities (PE, ESL & classroom teacher, PD facilitator, and sports coach), Rebecca takes the best from her experience. She has a BA in Asian & International Relations, and a Grad-Dip in Education. Rebecca is passionate about spreading the joy and love that Movement Monkeys brings to kids.

Rebecca Director

A National Outdoor Leader, Personal Trainer and Recreation TAFE Teacher, Bob has worked in many different capacities, holding a Diploma in Recreation qualified to instruct canoeing, archery, climbing, abseiling, orienteering, swimming and gymnastics. Bob has served as a facilitator, programmer, coordinator, and teacher in the adventure-based learning industry for many, many years. His passion, experience, and enthusiasm for linking education and recreation to the positive changes is what defines him.

Bob HR, Education, Training and Program Manager


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