Child Protection Policy

We uphold a Child Protection Policy observing regulation set out under risk management strategies of the QLD government working with children system, and provide open channels for children, parents, and care providers to voice any concerns; while ensuring the safety and protection of all children involved in our program at all times.

This involves specific strategies built into our program to ensure the safety of your child(ren) at all times:

  • Up-to-date Blue Cards of all employees and volunteers;
  • Daily registered sign-in and sign-out from ONLY pre-authorised adults;
  • Roll-checks with every group locational-movement throughout the day;
  • Children are fully-supervised at all times – buddy system for toilet trips or other reason(s) to separate from the main group/supervisor;
  • After hours care: minimum of two staff present at all time with regulation Carer:Child ratios maintained at all times;
  • Premises/grounds checked at the start of day, and regularly monitored throughout the day for any potential risks to children, and; 
  • Lock-down procedures in place for the event of any report of suspicious activity/people on the grounds/premises of the program.
Rights of Children and Young People

Australia has agreed to uphold the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. This Convention establishes ‘minimum’ rights to which children and young people are entitled. Our organisation aims to uphold these rights.
Under the Convention, children and young people have the right to:
– feel safe
– be listened to
– be involved in decisions that affect them
– have their cultural values respected
– not be unjustly discriminated against on the basis of their status, activities, expressed opinions or beliefs of their parents or carers, and
– have their best interests considered.

Expectations of Children and Young People

Children and young people involved in activities within our program should comply with the Athlete Code of Behaviour at all times. Children and young people attending the program should at all times:
– show respect for other children, young people and adults
– keep themselves safe, and
– report inappropriate behaviour, unsafe situations or harm.
Our directors, coaches, instructors, employees, and volunteers will provide appropriate support to assist children to meet these expectations.

Rights and Responsibilities of Parents and Caregivers

Parents and carers trust our organisation to provide appropriate services and activities for their children. In an environment friendly to children and young people, parents and carers should:
– be welcome visitors at the program
– have their cultural, religious, disability and language requirements respected and catered for
– be informed about our programs, services and activities, and any changes made to this
– have opportunities to give regular feedback to our organisation
– receive feedback from staff and/or management about their child’s involvement in activities
– have access to Movement Monkey’s policies
– know how and who to voice their concerns to, expect to be listened to and have their views considered, and
– have any personal information treated confidentially and their privacy respected.

If, at any time, you feel any one of these areas is not being appropriately met, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can address the matter as soon as possible.


Expectations of Parents and Carers

If a parent considers excessive demands are being placed on them, they should feel comfortable in approaching any member of Movement Monkey’s management to discuss the situation and possible solutions.
Generally, parents and carers should expect to:
– work with our organisation to support our CHILD PROTECTION POLICY and CODE OF BEHAVIOUR
– provide their children with required support, for example, clothes, food, sun-safe items, travel, and any necessary equipment, as needed, to participate in reasonable, related activities;
– inform the organisation immediately of any situations pertaining to:
~ bullying, intimidation or harassment experienced by their child, and;
~ any suspicion that children or young people in our program(s) are being harmed, and;
~ giving positive and/or negative feedback to our organisation on policies and procedures. 

Any issues, concerns or complaints can be referred to the managerial staff of Movement Monkeys:

Rebecca Chalk
Jay Simpson
Charlotte Mace
Bob Millen