Movement Monkeys Space Program

Kids! Get ready for an out-of-this-world experience. September is going to be a blast!

Kids will participate in a whole day of space-themed activities:

Come dressed as your favourite alien
Moon Walk Races
Build your own Rocket
Moon Rock Lazer Tag
Active Physics Experiments
Space Trivia Sprints
Intergalactic fun for all Space Monkeys!

This event will be running at all September program venues for one whole day, amidst the week of the usual sports, fun, games, and activities.  You may know that one of our key values and missions at Movement Monkeys is CHALLENGE. True learning happens when we are challenged and pushed out of our comfort zone. Movement Monkeys are continually setting new challenges, and providing the right amount of support to get the kids over the line and achieve something that they never have before! 

And what is a more challenging frontier than space? This is all about physics, and making the connection between space, science, and our physical bodies ~ and in true Movement Monkeys style, this is about having fun while learning and playing together~! 

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