Are we getting excited about the Commonwealth Games in our backyard? YES WE ARE!!

While our top athletes are competing in the games, our MMSP super kids will be doing it all alongside them, developing and discovering their talents/skills, exploring the sports of the games, and having a go. Sport starts here!

Timetable of Events for the Banana Republic Games








Session 1

Sprinting Technical

High Jump Lesson

Archery Competition

Sprinting Heats

Tennis Tournament

Sessions 2

Shot Put Lesson

Long Jump Lesson

Hockey Competition

Soccer Final

Session 3

Discus Lesson

Javelin Lesson

Volleyball Final

High/Long Jump Heats

Netball Final

Session 4

Gymnastics Lesson

Netball Semi-Final

Tennis Semi-Final

Wrestling Competition

Basketball Final

Session 5

Tennis Lesson

Basketball Semi-Final

Soccer Semi-Final

Gymnastics Competition

Shotput/Javelin/ Discus Heats

Session 6

Volleyball Semi-Final

Badminton Semi-Final

Badminton Final

Lawn Bowls Comp

Where: Calamvale Community College & Springwood State High School
When: 9-13th April, 2018
Prizes: Bananas (of course), Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals for some events
These games are non-elimination, meaning everyone is included and participates to their best of their ability.


The 6 Ape Nations Competing in the Games

Children will participate on behalf of one of the six different nations throughout the week of games.

The Bonobo Confederation

Bonobos share about 98.7% of their DNA with humans, and thus are our closest living relatives. They are peaceful, cooperative, empathetic, loving, beautiful creatures - just like us when we are at our best. They are very bipedal, and are good runners. They have formed a confederation with their neighboring troops to cooperate for common action and the greater good.

The Gorilla Nation

Gorillas are the world's largest primates. They are also closely related to humans, with 98% of their DNA identical to that of Homo sapiens. They are very intelligent and are great communicators, very strong and are good at running. The Gorilla Nation is a force to be reckoned with in the coming games.

The Chimpanzee Colony

Chimpanzee's share about 98.5% of their DNA with humans. They also walk upright like Humans and Bonobos, love hugs, and like to laugh and play around. The Chimpanzee Colony doesn't have the numbers that some of the other troops do, but they make up for it with intelligence, speed, and dexterity.

The Macaque Mainland

Macaques share about 93% of their DNA with humans. Macaques have a stocky body and a face that resembles humans more than other primates. They are also bipedal when they are carrying objects. They are very intelligent and adaptable and are good at passing on learned behaviours to future generations. They are going to be a strong contender in The Games.

The Orangutan Outlands

Orangutan's share about 97% of their DNA with humans. However, humans share at least 28 unique physical characteristics with orangutans but only 2 with chimps & bonobos and 7 with gorillas, so they may be seen as our closest relative. The name in Malay literally means 'person of the forest'. They have extremely long arms and are great wrestlers. They are not as social and cooperative as other troops, but they have tremendous strength and will be coming out in force.

The Spider Monkey State

Spider monkeys have long thin limbs and tails: it’s not difficult to see how these primates got their name! They are the most intelligent New World monkeys. They make barking sounds to deter predators. They are called the ‘trapeze artists of the jungle’. Watch out for them in the gymnastics arena!