Winter Survivor Challenge!

The Monkeys are swinging into action for the up-coming June/July programs. Some of you may not know this but Bob is quite the craftsman in the woodwork department, and he has been very busy in his workshop building props. So when the kids call him ‘Bob the Builder’, they are not far from the mark! 

Why the Challenge?
The Movement Monkeys have six main criteria for identifying great learning activities to be delivered in their programs  – and challenge is definitely one of them. Through challenge, we step out of our comfort zone, we learn and grow, we get new insight, we improve, and get resilient and stronger. Challenge-based Learning (CBL) extends upon experiential learning, and is the beginning of innovative thought through problem-solving, resourcefulness, plan development and revision, and pushing forward to achieve the desired outcome. The Monkeys are all about encouraging kids to take on the challenge!   

What is Happening?
All the lucky kids enrolled in a program this winter at every venue will participate in a full day of survivor challenges. There are at least 10 different challenges involving physical and metal tasks, team cooperatives, and team challenges! While there is competition involved, the Movement Monkeys Survivor activities are designed to promote team cooperation, communication skills, and conflict resolution while under pressure to overcome the challenge at hand together. All the kids will receive a survival memento at the end of the day, and the overall winning team will get a prize (they are probably hoping it’s not Rebecca giving out the prize – her usual “20 push-ups” line). So, without giving too much away – get excited kids, this is going to be an awesome program this winter!



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